Drawing & Filming Commission for Derwent!

During the Summer I was lucky enough to get to work on two wonderful drawing commissions for Derwent to celebrate the launch fo their fabulous new Line Maker pens. As someone who has used their pens since back in art school & on a daily basis throughout my design career I of course said YES! They sent an amazing film crew to document me working in my two studios where I sat drawing amongst the flowers whilst accompanied by the birds happily singing away! The film folks Brawl Agency (who work with Derwent a lot) were an absolute joy to record with. We captured so much & all so creatively!

For the first drawing, I decided to incorporate black, graphic & sepia just to add some depth & warmth to the details on my motifs. I was inspired by a mix of an Anemone & a Dogwood Blossom & my usual abstract style & elements got thrown into the mix. It was nice to receive a ‘drawing commission’ as oppose to a ‘design commission’ for a refreshing change, no computer design elements were required or any sort of pattern design work so I decided to spend a bit of extra time with the pen work so it felt like a more detailed stand alone final piece.

For the second piece I was asked to draw in colour & as it was a lovely open brief I of course went all out with this colourful butterfly composition. I used all of the stunning colours in the range & tried to keep my drawings as symmetrical as possible. The final touch was adding the circular, flowing pattern to the background to add some of my signature energetic style & spontaneity.

A big thank you to Derwent for one of my most all time favourite design commissions ever! Below you can see a snippet of the final video on Facebook or watch the final version on Youtube. Also head to their Instagram & IGTV to give the videos some love!