Exploring Buenos Aires

“Metale Fichas A Sus Suenos” I have been told the meaning behind this phrase is ✨Give Your Dreams Your All✨/ ✨Believe In Your Dreams✨?

I’ve been out exploring Buenos Aires on a drawing & inspiration trip & I’ve seen so much already! My camera is full & my head is exploding with design ideas & I can’t wait to share all the gorgeous inspiration that I’ve gathered with the community I teach through Make it in Design (I’ve been posting a little on Instagram too). As a business owner I hardly ever switch off & as much as my job is mostly creative there also comes a lot of management & pressure at times. I’m part of two companies which is two sets of responsibility, I have online students, employees, clients & customers & I always strive for the best & taking care of everyone is always my priority. But at times I forget to care for myself though! Trips like this are just wonderful as they give me time to think, re-charge my batteries, fuel my imagination & make me feel present & so blessed for this career of mine.

P.S. A big shout goes to lovely Lu @baexperiences for understanding what a colour, pattern & nature obsessed creative needs to see! Oh & for kindly always offering to take photos.