Happy 500th Birthday Havana! #Havana500

Celebrating 500 years of Havana! Today Havana is enjoying it’s 500th anniversary and we invite you to celebrate with us as I share my love for this amazing city!

Below are a selection of images from my most recent trip to Havana where I took part in a photoshoot with beautiful Havana & art boutique hotel Malecón 663 as my backdrop. I have fallen in love with some stunning destinations over the years but I have never in my life made such a connection to a city before. From the rainbow filled streets to the textures & the amazing people you can’t help but feel inspired & at ease out there.

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Since my trip I’ve been working hard & making my own rainbows as I want to do my bit to help the growth of the creative sector in Cuba. Naturally I have my own Cuban inspired projects that I want to work on out there & whilst back home but I’m on a mission to do so much more… I may only be little but I’m trying to be mighty. It’s early days yet but I like to put things out there in the universe. So I suppose I’m also trying to make rainbows happen for many others right now they just don’t know it yet!
(P.S. This doesn’t mean I won’t continue to help parts of the design world that I already help such as through my sister site Make it in Design. That will always be happening as I adore it. I also love that I’m based in lovely Liverpool yet connecting with many other countries so much, you gotta love WiFi & occasional world travel).

Please do also share, save and repost the graphics below with designs inspired by my trips to Havana. All I ask is that you credit me! (My Instagram | Facebook | Twitter) Wishing all my lovely friends in Havana lots of love & happiness & I hope you enjoy all of the fun events today!