How to wear plus size fashions with confidence

Photo by trí võ on Unsplash

Years of mental conditioning through various media outlets have created the perception that there is something wrong with plus-sized women. Luckily, things are changing, and more fashion houses are making use of plus-size models. The fact that these companies are successful while doing this goes to show that beyond the entrenched perceptions, there is nothing wrong with being plus-size. You just need to find fashionable clothes that match your body size, then rock them with confidence. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Lots of plus size women suffer from confidence issues. To help you overcome this and be happy, here is how to wear plus size fashions with confidence.

1. Wear what is comfortable 

When it comes to fashion, people suffer from confidence issues because they are trying to fit into a trend. To be happy, drop this perception and go for what works for you. If a certain piece of attire doesn’t look good on you, just drop it, and choose something that makes you comfortable. For you to find something that looks good on you, do your shopping at stores that have variety. A store like Chesca has variety when it comes to plus-size fashion. You are guaranteed to find something that is trendy and goes perfectly with your body, something that you can rock with confidence. 

2. Buy a nice fitting bra

Your bra may have little to do with the latest trendy clothes, but it can increase your appeal when you wear them. A good bra helps you maintain the right posture, a factor that is key to looking good in fashionable clothes. For instance, when your bra holds your breasts in a firm position, you appear leaner and taller, which by extension makes you fashionwear accentuate your figure. In essence, always get the right bra measurements before you purchase. You will be surprised at the amount of change it can make to your self-confidence when rocking fashion wear.

3. Invest in a good pair of heels

In most cases, what makes fashion models look beautiful in their clothes is their height and walking style. As a plus-size person, you too can achieve these by investing in a pair of heels. High heels create the impression that you are taller. They also force you to walk upright which is essential to properly rocking trendy clothing. That’s because your figure is much more visible when upright, and you are guaranteed to turn a few heads as you walk around. However, make sure to go for something comfortable. If you have joint issues, you could choose to go for wedges, and still achieve the same effect as heels. 

4. Take your time when getting dressed

Sometimes the lack of self-confidence doesn’t come from the clothes themselves, but from within. Further still, some may have the feeling that they didn’t get ready properly before leaving the house. To avoid this problem, take the time to prepare yourself before you leave the house. Double-check in the mirror that your clothes match properly with your accessories. Also, ensure that you have done your makeup in the best way possible. Once you feel confident in what you are wearing, walk out with your head up high. Remember, you are the author of your happiness, so don’t let anyone put you down.

Post written by Chesca