Cuba Adventure & Exciting Projects!

I’m just back from working over in rainbow land (Cuba!) & in just a seven day trip I crammed in so so much from photography for my online teaching at Make it in Design to travel content creation, & interior design work to fashion meetings, transporting samples for models to prepping future photoshoots & location visits, as well as taking part in a photoshoot to meeting the British Embassy team. There were also exhibition visits, catch ups with creatives & everything in between. Plus a bit of dancing on my evenings off!

I was also lucky enough to meet up with a talented writer & Cuba travel expert @claireboobbyer, who has visited Cuba over 90 times! It was great to chat about why we both adore it so much & how my favourite island continues to inspire me every day within my design work. Below you can see examples of my work being photographed by @davisillodiaz in Vinales, Cuba with the amazing @migue_leyvaj⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ & @_carolinatejero as my beautiful models.

It was also a real treat to be invited to the British Embassy Residence in Havana (@ukincuba) to meet the Ambassador & his team & there was a very yummy dinner too! I was able to invite two wonderful Cuban companies that I have / will be developing designs with to join me. More on that soon…⁣

Below is a little sneak peek at just one of the creative projects I have been working on whilst out in Havana. I’m lucky enough to be collaborating with the wonderful multidisciplinary design studio @proporciones_cuba (they are architects, industrial designers, interior designers, graphic designers & much more), stay tuned…

During one of the meetings I was asked to demonstrate how I create my patterns in @adobe Illustrator with my extremely minimal Spanish lingo but the visuals always help & do the talking for me, plus a number of their team members kindly translate for me. Poco a poco!

Here’s a SNEAK PEEK at one of the project I worked on… This is from my photoshoot in Havana which was a great way to end my working week in Cuba. The print on this shirt is mine called ‘Havana Flowers’, & the original motif was sketched out in Havana! The shirt is available via Doc Cotton who create sustainable fashion. The notebooks on the table (which are available through Denik) are also my own designs.

With thanks to @estampacuba @napperhavana @davisillodiaz @_carolinatejero @suny_make_up @xuan_linhr. And to The British Embassy in Havana (@ukincuba)

I’ve been spinning plates for multiple projects but the hard work is paying off. What a week, I crammed in so much! Thank you Cuba you are my creative paradise!

P.S. You can find more inspiration from Cuba over on @creativecuba, which I curate to celebrate the amazing creativity happening in & inspired by Cuba: