My book project – seeking a literary agent!

Hello everyone!

I wonder if you can you help me? Currently I’m working on a book (the first of many), & I would like to seek representation from a literary agent who has a passion for art & design. Do you have any recommendations?

Though I’d like to keep the topic of the book as well as the title top secret for now it will be based on pattern design & I will be drawing on my 15+ years experience of working as a designer & teacher. I’ve worked with global brands from Hallmark to Oxfam & designed for an array of products in the marketplace from fashion to interiors to everything in between.

As Co-Founder of one of the world’s most trusted online design schools, ‘Make It In Design’ (with 15,000+ graduates from 100+ countries) & co-host of The Live Hub, an online community for designers, I am so excited to write this. I have experienced many victories & successes in the industry, & I have a reputation for design innovation as well as a strong media presence with features in numerous press, from magazines to TV. I have taught through many avenues from lectures & speaking events to online coaching & I would love to work with an agent that can help me bring my book vision to life.

Thank you so much for your help in advance!

If you are an agent reading this I would love to connect, please do email me via [email protected]

P.S. If you’d like to contribute to the book please do fill out this survey. Thank you!