Tips to happy holidays in Northumberland

Photo by Amy Gatenby on Unsplash

When looking at places to visit during your next holiday Northumberland should be among one of the top holiday destinations on your bucket list. Similar to many other tourist destination sites that many travelers love, going to Northumberland offers many different splendid locations and sites. Many people enjoy the scenery and have been mesmerized by Northumberland due to various reasons. From the beautiful sites, history, wildlife, and all that nature provides, you can’t miss a thing or two that will intrigue you in this beautiful area.

Northumberland also has many activities that people of all age groups can engage in which are suitable for everyone’s budgets. You can even decide to bring your pet along since the county is home to an awesome range of pet-friendly cottages and holiday homes. If you intend to come with your dog, you can book a spot early to get the best of Northumberland. The lovely weather also adds a plus to what Northumberland has to offer.  Here are some activities and tips to ensure that you have happy holidays in Northumberland.

Pay a visit to the stunning sites English Heritage Sites

For history lovers, Northumberland’s rich history can be a wonderful start. Stunning historical sites like the National Trust property Cragside house, gardens and cottages are unique visitor attractions that add splendor to the county. Due to the gigantic size of the site, you might not be able to see it all in one day, but the wealth of ingenious gadgets makes it worth your time and money.  The beautiful walks, grounds, and landscape setting comprising trees and woods extensively spread out is awesome to marvel at as you walk around the grounds. Apart from Cragside, there are many other sites in the area that you can visit such as castles.

Spend some time outdoors

There are a lot of breathtaking outdoor spaces in Northumberland. In addition, these spaces have a wide range of activities that you can participate in from fishing, golf, sailing, riding, some play and fun time on the playground amongst other activities. The clarity of the Northumberland skies provides you with an opportunity to stargaze. Visit Kielder, a remote village famous for long stretches of beautiful coastline, great outdoors and bustling cities with magical breathtaking and inspiring spaces.

Visit the beautiful sandy beaches

Though vast and rugged, Northumberland has a number of beaches with coastlines that are both peaceful and breathtaking. Spend some time on the sandy white beaches and embrace the feeling of nature all around you. Some of the beaches have secluded spots, giving your children and family time to enjoy the sand and perfect relaxation. The fantastic feeling brought about by the sound of the waves is great for relaxation and calming your mind away from your everyday busy schedule.

Be free to enjoy the cuisine

Get ready to savor a bite of eclectic, delicious and mouthwatering dishes. The cuisine ranges from chips, fresh seafood like fish, crab and oysters, smoked kippers, locally-grown organic produce, maple syrup, cheese and a variety of locally brewed beers.

When visiting Northumberland, book early and get ready to have a great time. Also ensure that your itinerary is well arranged for the best experience.

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