Staying in is the new going out!

We can all do our bit to protect those in the high risk groups. The UK government seems to be so behind with their response & it makes me sad. As individuals we can try to stay at home where possible & show kindness to others. This visual quote is inspired by @mattzhaig & his magical words, he always always says it so well.⁣⁣⁣


Massive shout out to those being wonderful on the front lines dealing with it & all the overworked medical staff! Especially our very own NHS who continue to do their best regardless.

Please don’t shout at me because of this post. Just trying to be caring for those that really need our protection. P.S. I’m asthmatic & whilst I’m not overly worried about myself (as I’m fit & well usually), being asthmatic is scary sometimes so I can’t even begin to imagine the fear people with very severe illnesses & the elderly are going through.

If you like this image I’d love for you to repost it, let’s try to encourage folks to embrace staying in. Please just tag the amazing @mattzhaig also.
Sending love & positivity out there xo