Estampa Cuba – A Wonderful Experience

Whilst on my latest Cuban work adventure I was lucky enough to stay at two truly beautiful and unique properties hosted by the wonderful travel and accommodation group Estampa Cuba.

I would like to say a huge thank you to the full Estampa team and the staff at Le Petit Mistinguett and Napper by Rottenburg for their warm welcome, amazing hospitality and fabulous service.

Both accommodations were truly wonderful and through a series of photos and sharing my experience I hope I can take you on a journey to fully appreciate them just as much as I did during my stay.

If you are ever visiting Cuba do check out Estampa Cuba for a truly authentic experience – you will not be disappointed!

I firstly wanted to introduce you to Le Petit Mistinguett, which is a stunning “Art Deco Trans Ocean style originally built in 1957” and expertly “restored in 2016 to recreate the atmosphere and ambience of the 1950’s”.

The interior decoration and wide array of stunning artwork has been co-ordinated by its talented owner Pilar Fernandez Vazquez who is originally from Spain living in Cuba from 20 years.

Not only does she have impeccable taste, which is apparent throughout the entire house, she is also a gifted chef and I was fortunate to taste her delicious food and it was a gastronomic experience to remember. Thank you Pilar!

Whilst the entire house was beautiful, and the interior was extremely captivating I found myself very drawn to the outside space. The garden is a tranquil oasis and I felt so happy each morning enjoying a lovely breakfast whilst being surrounded by so much greenery. Even though some mornings I was working on my laptop or dashing about to meetings, time seemed to slow down for me whilst at Le Petit Mistinguett. I felt very relaxed and savoured every moment.

The house is located in Miramar which is a beautiful neighbourhood that is very picturesque. It only took 10 minutes in a taxi to get to Central Havana and 15 minutes to arrive in Old Havana. If you visit this house, I encourage you take a walk and roam the streets and the house is fortunately located next to the renowned Fifth Avenue.

Next I would like to share my visit to Napper by Rottenburg “A Magical House telling the story of its neighbourhood and it’s city”. It’s often described as an art house and “emerges as a tribute to those artists enriching the cultural life of Cuba”.

Havana is fast becoming a second creative home for my design collection inspiration and whether I’m working remote from England or on location it’s a city that continues to influence my creativity dearly and many amazing opportunities keep calling me back. (I can hopefully tell you more when it’s all a little further along).

I only ever manage to fit in fairly short trips whilst out in Cuba but always make the most of every single moment and try to explore as many new locations as possible, along with checking out the most innovative places to stay and Napper Havana was such a dreamy location in Vedado! It’s full of impeccable interiors with effortlessly cool colour combinations, Cuban charm, art, lush greenery and epic styling teamed with many eclectic touches and a few eccentric hidden gems too.

Oh and of course I had to strut up and down that sexy staircase at least once for a photo!

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Whilst my hotel stays were kindly #gifted to me, this is a genuine heartfelt review and the words are completely my own. My stay was gifted on a room only basis and I paid for all other amenities myself such as Wi-fi, food and drinks as well as my flights.