FREE tips on how to be creatively confident


Aaaaand we’re back with some more fab top tips! Thank you all so much for the kind feedback we’ve received so far. Today we’re sharing some wonderful tips on how to feel more creatively confident. We’ve all been there. The days when we feel stuck in a creative rut, uninspired or lacking confidence in our skills. Let us give you a little boost!



Acceptance – Accepting the no’s, the bumps in the road, the bad days & the hard times & moving on from them can be such a boost.

Own your skills & acknowledge your knowledge – you’ve spent time honing your skills so own them! We’re always learning but it’s important to acknowledge how far you’ve already come. Be proud!

Step outside your comfort zone – It’s often in experimentation & play that we can be freer & find new avenues for our creativity.



Find your happy – Taking time out to enjoy the things you love other than work is essential but creativity can be found in many other things from painting your nails a happy colour to getting out in the garden.

“Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle” – You might be at a different point in your creative journey than someone else!


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