FREE live replay, top tips & colour challenge!

Rachael recently had a lovely live session where she takes you through a journey of how she discovered magical, creative inspiration through travel & fell in love with Cuba! In the replay Rachael will show you how she begins her initial sketches, turns them into colourful patterns & takes them right through to exciting products!

You can now watch the replay back on Facebook or Vimeo


In each live session Rachael does there is always a fun Pantone colour palette challenge! Whether it’s re-colouring a design, creating something new, changing something up in your home or just using them for inspiration, we’d love to see what you do with them! Tag @rachaeltudio & @rachaeltaylor_ to share them with us!


TIP 1: Take a design trip or change your location

As I chatted about in my live, inspiration can come from all kinds of places, but travel & discovering new places is where I find it the most. Your trip doesn’t have to be far-reaching, a simple trip to a local art gallery, museum, gardens or park should be plenty to light up that creative fire. A change of location can really do wonders for your mood & creativity.

TIP 2: Follow your weird

I generally try to follow my weird & embrace it! I work very spontaneously & though that might not be what works for others I do encourage you to embrace the unusual & unexpected sometimes. It’s through allowing in this unpredictability that I travelled to Cuba & found lots of amazing creative opportunities & inspiration (catch up on the live to find out more).

TIP 3: Be brave & step out of your comfort zone

I truly believe that sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone & trying new things can be where the magic happens. It doesn’t have to be something huge. Simply trying out a colour you usually would never use or a form of media you never thought to explore.

TIP 4: Start a doodle wall

If your feeling uninspired or if you are finding that you can’t quite fit creativity into your day then just stick a giant sheet of paper on a wall & spend a few minutes doodling each time you have a tea break. Don’t draw worrying about the end result; just doodle away for fun. It’s a great thing to do with kids & very therapeutic. I recommend working in a single colour & with chunky pens as you naturally loosen up that way. Some of my best pattern motifs have actually been created like this… they’ve been a happy accident!

TIP 5: Surround yourself with inspiration

It sounds simple, but as busy working designers our workspaces can easily become disorganised & uninspiring. Make your workspace the most inspiring place to you that it can be. Discover the things you love whether they are certain colours, patterns or words & surround yourself with them!


In the live we had lots of questions about Rachael’s favourite pens & sketchbooks so we’ve popped some handy links below for where you can find them.

Line Maker pens from Derwent

Sketchbooks with Pink Pig

We hope you found this helpful & watch this space for more fun & free live sessions!

The Rachael Taylor Studio xoxo