A day in my shoes…

Gosh I’m often asked to share an example of a typical day or week & its all so different. I plan ahead where I can but deadlines can move a lot.

So here’s today in a nutshell

  • Started the morning organising my temp studio / office at my @rachaeltaylorhome renovation
  • Caught up on emails with the @makeitindesign & @rachaeltstudio team
  • Looked at a 22 page licensing contract to guide one of my Creative Coaching clients
  • Took a video call with a lovely Coaching client who’s literally on fire right now, advised her on various things & got to see some fab sneak peeks of licensed products about to launch
  • Had a quick phone chat with Kelly (my Studio Manager)
  • Caught up with my book editors emails around my final manuscript
  • Had a little lunch break
  • Updated my iMac software as I needed to work in Adobe InDesign today (typically I favour Illustrator / Photoshop)
  • Caught up on social media
  • Started playing around with book cover revisions & loose ideas (will continue with this across the week)
  • Avoided accounts admin & calling the bank despite having a giant post it note stuck on my monitor
  • Confirmed acupuncture appointments / booked yoga classes (all of these things keep my creativity & energy levels flowing)
  • Got excited about a work trip to Lisbon
  • Made some notes for my free webinar that I hosted on Make it in Design’s public Facebook page (watch the playback here)
  • Got distracted, now writing this post

I’m also sleepy today from DIY attempts yesterday, wearing a scruffy hair plait as well no time.

This list makes me extra appreciate of this creative life of mine.

P.S. The shoes are my ‘Havana Night’ print.

How was your day?