Revealing my book title + pre-order!

Was trying to keep quiet about this to wait to perfect things but if you know me well then you know I’m not good at not talking. So I just got an email my book is now on pre-order!!! I can finally reveal the title:


Ignite Your Creative Spark.

Develop a Productive Practice.

Set Goals and Achieve Your Dreams.

I’ve added a pre-order link that’s cleverly geotargeted & will send you to the right place such as Amazon, Waterstones, Book Depository depending on what country you are in.

I adore Waterstones & the Book Depository (along with all smaller independent book stores) so I just got very giddy seeing my listing there already! Just spotted they also have 10% off at the Book Depository if you pre-order right now.

Pre-orders are so important with new Authors & in general so if you fancied it why not take advantage of the 10% discount over at Book Depository. Your support means the world, even just sharing this post can really help get the word out there.

OMG this is real! Can’t wait until we can reveal the cover design!

YAY I’m an Author worked my bum off on this & it’s been quite the journey & a key growth period for me. Absolutely loved creating this title!

The screenshot is of my iMac screen with a sneak peek from my book photoshoot with the fab Holly Booth Studio (that’s the only low res image I can show a snippet of, for now…)