I won an award I never thought I’d win!

It’s such an odd feeling to be able to say that I’m now ‘award-winning’! I was recently lucky enough to win the Most Renowned Art Director Award at the 2022 UK Enterprise Awards. You can read my full interview here on page 84. It isn’t something I’d ever thought to win an award for & what’s even more shocking is that I started the year planning to manifest more art direction work. How crazy is that! It does truly go to show how powerful saying the things you want out loud & putting them out into the world can be.



I’ve written a lot about the power of manifestation in my new book Power Up Your Creativity (available for pre-order now). It really is as simple as if you believe it, you can achieve it. If you don’t put these things out there, that’s saying that you don’t believe it in enough. It’s when we truly believe that we can achieve our goals.

Often at the beginning of most of my 1:1 coaching sessions the first thing I ask is “Tell me your dream—not the smaller dream you often share with others. What’s the big dream? If anything were possible. Close your eyes and don’t hold back.” I know it can be hard to have the confidence to say it but right now I want you to try. Put down your phone, step away from your computer & say the thing that you really want to happen OUT LOUD. There. You’ve put it out there. Now you can make steps towards actually making it happen.

Believe in yourself, just as much as I believe in you. Amazing things really do happen.