Comfort for your creative soul

They say if you don’t ask then you don’t receive, so today I wanted to ask about your experience reading my book Power Up Your Creativity. I’ve been so grateful for all of the glowing reviews I’ve had since the book went out into the world about a year & a half a go, but I would love to know about your personal experience with it.

  • Where do you find yourself reading it?
  • What’s your favourite section or chapter?
  • Have you completed any of the exercises?
  • What has it inspired you to do?
  • Do you have a favourite sentence or paragraph?

Forgive the snooping, I’m just so curious! 🙂 You can simply reply to this email or tag us on our socials #powerupyourcreativity



Not go your copy yet? Perhaps this little snippet from the introduction might help you decide whether it’s for you:

“This book is a guide and comfort for your creative soul. It’s a mix of prompts, visuals that stimulate, thoughts to ponder, inspiration to gather, and anecdotes to laugh or cry at. […]
In this book I’ve reflected upon my career from the past decade and from teaching thousands of creatives worldwide. I believe the powerful conversations I’ve had with them has aided in unlocking my own creativity. The advice I share can apply to any creative person, aspiring or experienced, no matter where they are on their creative journey, and not just for those who want to pursue a business path.
I’ve lost my mojo many times, and creativity has been my saviour. I recognise how powerful creativity is and how we can use it to help navigate the unpredictable world we live in. […]
This book is for you to support you. I hope you take comfort from it and feel that my words are from those of a friend. […]
If I can bring you comfort, ignite your creative spark, guide you on your way, be the catalyst for your dream, put a smile on your face on a dark day, or open your mind to new possibilities, then the book has done what it’s meant to do. I hope it’s the beginning of something truly wonderful for you.”

Happy reading! <3