For when your creative spark is gone

So we all made it through the drearier months, spring is on the way & we’re starting to pull ourselves out of creative hibernation. But we don’t know where to start to bring our creative spark back to life.



Here are some of my top tips & tricks to help bring back your motivation:

1. Get back to basics. Draw, paint or design your favourite things to ease you back into the process. Make time for play & experimentation & see where it takes you.

2. Get out about. Creatives (at least this one) don’t do well cooped up. Go smell the flowers, get some fresh air, look up at the sky, find interesting details on the ground & soak in some inspiration.

3. Network. No, spending time on social media for a designer or creative business owner isn’t procrastinating. It’s important for building your contacts. Just remember to stop when it becomes the inevitable doom scroll!

4. Look out for creative challenges & competitions. March Meet The Maker just started.

5. Find support. In my online Creative Coaching Sessions I am here to be your guide through what can often be a lonely & tough journey as we strive to do what we love & do it well. I’ve spent almost 20 years building my career & making mistakes so now you don’t have to. See below what some of my clients have said of their experience: